CITO Abacus online for Cardboard (inch)


Formula for calculation of creasing channels and creasing rules
designed for material thickness of 0.037 – 0.065 inch

Also available for corrugated board!


A = crease depth
B = crease width
c = material thickness
d = creasing rule width
g = creasing rule height

The material thickness (c) of the cardboard determines the creasing rule height:

A = c
B = (c x 1.5) + d
g = f – c
f = 0.937 inch

(c) Results for material thickness 0.016 inch

Optimum values are backed with yellow.
(A) Channel Depth: 0.016 inch
(B) Creasing Channel Width with Creasing Rule of 0.028 inch / 2 pt: 0.051 inch
(g) Creasing Rule Height: 0.921 inch
In order to optimize the quality of the creasing, you choose the next smaller channel width possible when creasing with the grain.

You will find the size 0.4 × 1.3 mm at CITO

No responsibility accepted for correctness of this information – creasing parameters depending on material specification.