CITO Abacus: Cardboard calculation aid for creasing matrix

Find the optimum creasing matrix

Measure the material thickness c

Measure the material thickness (c)

Formula for calculation of creasing channels

designed for material thickness of 0.2 – 1.65 mm
Also available for Corrugated Board!

The graphic alongside shows a creasing matrix with the creasing rule pressed into the profile. The dimensions used in the calculation aid are as follows:

A= Channel Depth

B= Crease Width

c= Material Thickness

d= Creasing rule width

Creasing rule width

A ≈ c

B = (c × 1.50) + d

Formula for calculation of creasing rules

The material thickness of the cardboard determines the creasing rule height:

h= Creasing Rule Height

h = 23.80 - c

Creasing Rule Height

No responsibility accepted for correctness of this information – creasing parameters depending on material specification.