Our individual and mass production enable new, unusual geometric shapes and cogging and above all also include:

  • Fast, comprehensive service in production and delivery
  • Custom rule hardening
  • coatings, such as TIN, Teflon, Chrome or Tungsten
  • Coatings, i.e. TIN, non-stick, chrome or wolfram
  • Other basic materials, i.e. stainless steel or brass
  • Customised dimensions – rule width and height
  • Small batch orders

Selection of Our Product Range:

  • Label cutting rules, in trimmed and bevelled edge + hardened cutting edge
  • Standard precision cutting rules with hardened cutting edge in all cutting edge types
  • Extra sharp scraped precision cutting rules with hardened cutting edge.
  • Micro-fine grinded cutting rules with special hardened cutting edge
  • Creasing rules in round, but also in flat and chamfered crease
  • Laser crease finish as well as Trufold crease
  • Perforation and corrugated cutting rules
  • Special micro-perforation rules
  • Crease cutting rules, and with a round crease part
  • Corrugated perforation lines
  • Tear-away perforation lines
  • Break-off rules, also in Esopick format or plan, corrugated respectively with perforation
  • Serrated die-cut rules, rotary cutting rules, Eurotek, Cleancut and all other rules for rotation
  • Counter-scoring dies
  • Serrated knife (serrated rules with variable depth, angle and intervals)